Confidential Document Shredding

360 Degrees is focused exclusively on information security through our document destruction service.

All of our programs meet and exceed the “Reasonable Care” standards.

360 Degrees delivers added value through this exclusivity and our ability to streamline operations in order to deliver the most cost effective processes for the collection, confirmed destruction, and recycling of confidential material

Our core document destruction service is to provide secure, private waste containers throughout locations wherever needed.

We empty containers into secure transport and shred off-site in a secure location as determined by mutual agreement.
All materials are shredded or pulverized at an approved facility to ensure that destroyed material cannot be reconstructed.
Paper residue is then packed tightly into bales before de-inking, and you are provided with a certificate of destruction.

Additionally, 360 Degrees can provide secure containers for the deposit of non-paper media to be destroyed.
Non-paper media includes, but is not limited to: microforms, diskettes, magnetic tape (reel and cartridge), optical disks, CD ROMs, DVDs, videotapes and photographic films.