”Offering the best services at competitive prices to the client”

360 Degree’s Corporate Motto


360 Degrees takes pride in offering clients the best possible services in terms of cost, schedule, and quality for each and every project. Our teams, from management to each and every service provider, has extensive experience in all aspects of service and maintenance requirements for domestic and industry.


360 Degrees aims to be a professional lifestyle management and time saving service for busy individuals and businesses in the Munster region. The custom-tailored service of 360 Degrees enables the company to meet any client’s requirement, whether the project or individual job no matter how small, involves feasibility studies, refurbishment, servicing, operation or maintenance.


By handing any project over to 360 Degrees our highly effective management team will help the client reduce to stress, save time and to be more productive in their own areas. The company also guarantees quality and competitively priced work.


We offer a personal service, tailored to the individual needs of the client; both domestic and commercial  wide.


360 Degrees aim to offer world class levels in terms of quality and delivery