Mains Freeze Protector™

This is a revolutionary new product, designed specifically with the Irish and UK markets in mind.

It involves the insertion of a specially designed cable, into existing water supply pipes, which is then heated by a thermostatically controlled unit. This unit only operates when the temperatures reach a predefined level.


The beauty of the solution is that it is easily fitted into the pipes. Using advanced polymer technology, we have developed a cable that is more rigid than anything currently available on the market, allowing us to insert the cable into ½ inch heavy gauge pipe (something that was not possible in the past). The cable is also low voltage which makes it extremely safe both for the customer and anyone doing work on the property in the future. There are no major renovations required.


Specific points to mention are that the cable has been specially developed for this application, it is secured with a unique and specially developed watertight gland and it can be cut to length on site.


  • Easily Retrofitted inside ½ inch pipe between house and stop valve/meter
  • NO EXCAVATION of lawns, paths or tarmac
  • Low voltage 48 V DC extremely safe application
  • Heat cable can be cut to length
  • Low power consumption 8 watts per metre
  • Specially designed water tight gland tested up to 10 Bar pressure
  • Thermostatically controlled system
  • Digital microprocessor controller with LED display
  • Safety Alarm on Controller for fault detection
  • Tamper proof Controls for added safety
  • Durable Thermostat sensor head, inset in exterior wall (can be painted over)
  • Safe if accidentally hit during future excavation (48V DC)
  • Protects meter if higher in ground through convection (warm water rises)
  • Overload, Over Voltage and Over Temperature Protection safety features
  • Average Cost for nightly use 17 cent per night
  • CE approved
  • Patent pending


 Attic Freeze Protector™


Produced using proven technology and developed with industry leading cable manufacturers, this product is designed to ensure that you do not suffer the effects of frozen or burst water pipes this winter.
By simply fitting this cable, with its built in sensor to exposed pipes in your attic, you can rely on this thermostatically controlled cable to protect against the disastrous effects of frozen or burst internal pipe work in your premises.
This is especially useful or maybe even vital in premises that are likely to be unoccupied for periods of severe cold.